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teeth whitening

Teeth whitening

The search for white teeth has never been stronger across the globe. It is important to understand that whitening cannot be suitable for everyone and that you must first have a check-up and teeth cleaning with a dental professional.

Here is the principle of whitening: The product used is based on carbamide or hydrogen peroxide which will open the pores of the enamel and destroy the links between your cells and the impurities allowing them to be released. Which means that you can remove impurities but not increase your natural white. Each person has a different white (we can refer to the white of our eyes) so no one can have the same result. Bleaching will not impact enamel formation stains, composites and other restorations.

Contraindications : pregnant or breastfeeding women, dental hypersensitivity, untreated cavities, inflammation of the gums, composite or devitalized tooth in front, under 18 years old

The different whitening treatments :

In the clinic: Treatments done in the clinic are considered amplifiers. So, they act quickly and on the surface but they tend to be more sensitive. The result will be immediate but its duration will be 6 months.


At home: Conversely, home treatments act gently and deeply. So, they will be less sensitive. The result will be progressive but its duration will be 12 months.

In the majority of cases, it is preferable to do a mixture of both techniques to obtain a better result and for its duration to be longer.

Price list 2024

Liste de prix 2024

Express teeth whitening
10 min
60 frs
Home teeth whitening
24 days
400 frs
Duo teeth whitening
18 days
500 frs
Ultra teeth whitening
7 days
650 frs
Frequently asked questions ???
“Can I smoke during my whitening treatment?”
“Ideally no, because during whitening the pores of the enamel are open. So, the impurities can come out but the stains can go deep and then it will be difficult to remove them. You should avoid anything that can stain your teeth, such as coffee and red wine, for example.”
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