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Hygiène dentaire et Esthétique

From a smile to beauty at your fingertips!

We have grouped the aesthetics and dentistry fields to offer you the opportunity to combine non-usual services to combine business with pleasure. All in a friendly environment open to families.

fauteuil dentaire
fauteuil d'esthétique
salle d'attente assens
local manucure gel

Our history

Dental hygienists for a good ten years, we were looking for new challenges but above all our independence. Friends since our arrival in Switzerland in 2016 and at the same level of thinking, we could not have found a better teammate for our great adventure. After several arduous months of building our premises, we opened our clinic doors in April 2022, starting with the dental hygiene room. We subsequently followed short courses in aesthetics to complete our activity and in August 2022 we were able to open the aesthetics room. We are always on the lookout for new training to offer you a wider range of services.

Our team

We are committed to keeping up to date with the cantonal authorization required for verification of authorizations you can consult them via the following link.

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