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Isabelle Dubé

Hello !

I am an independent dental hygienist, co-owner of Hygiène dentaire et Esthétique d'Assens, in naturo-aesthetic training, employed in administration and accounting, marketing manager and full-time mother.​

I'm very busy but I love my work and I enjoy life to the fullest.

Isabelle Dubé

Speaks French and English

My story

In 1991, I was born in Quebec, Canada on a cold winter night.


In 2012, I qualified as a dental hygienist in Quebec following my 3 years of studies in dental hygiene. Subsequently, I worked for 4 years to develop my work experience with several health professionals such as: dentist, pediatric dentist, periodontologist and orthodontist. 


In 2016, my thirst for exploration and adventure pushed me to move across the ocean to settle in Switzerland. Since my arrival in Switzerland in 2016, I have had the opportunity to train a student in dental hygiene and to be an HD referent in the CHD clinic in Lausanne at Place de la Sallaz.


Additionally, in 2019, I opened my horizons by doing basic accounting training to help my husband's business with administration and now mine too.


In 2022, I had the opportunity to create my own clinic with a long-time colleague but also a wonderful friend. After several months of effort, we were finally able to open our doors in April 2022 part-time. Our dearest desire was to mix beauty treatments with dental care to diversify our services in an area that we appreciate. I started taking beauty training by doing facial and body care training with Phyt's organic and natural products. Start from nothing

it's complicated, so I also work as a private hygienist in the Philip Morris building for employees only.

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