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Price summary

Price list 2024:

Initiation teeth cleaning 3-6 years old
70 frs
Children teeth cleaning 7-12 years old
90 frs
Student teeth cleaning 13-17 years old
115 frs
Adult teeth cleaning 18 years old +
140 frs
Express teeth whitening
60 frs
Home teeth whitening
400 frs
Duo teeth whitening
500 frs
Ultra teeth whitening
650 frs
Fissures sealants (4x)
148 frs
1 crystal
70 frs
4 crystals
140 frs
1 piece of gold jewelry
130 frs
Express facial care
90 frs
Specific facial care
120 frs
Deep facial care
160 frs
Express facial treatment cure
270 frs
Specific facial treatment cure
360 frs
Deep facial treatment cure
480 frs
Organic active slimming massage
110 frs
Relaxing massage
90 frs
Organic active slimming massage cure
770 frs
Lash Lift with tint
120 frs
Removal of gel
30 frs
Gel application on natural nail
100 frs
Gel application with extension
120 frs
Gel filling
85 frs
Semi-permanent varnish application
60 frs
Gel nail repair
10 frs

For more informations, please read the page associated with the service you are interested in.

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