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facial care

Facial care

For our facial treatments, we work with PHYT'S products which are CERTIFIED ORGANIC AND 100% NATURAL ORIGIN. Most of our PHYT’S treatments are certified by COSMEBIO, which guarantees the composition of natural and organic cosmetics but also a responsible approach in all stages of product creation.

For our facial treatments, we use several manual palpation and smoothing techniques. In the deep treatment, we add Dermophyt's which is a vibrating device allowing to work the tissues in depth, for a unique resculpting facial massage.


- intervention on the face (deadline 1 month)

- active skin disease

- if undergoing chemo or radiotherapy treatment (cancer)

- phlebitis


It is recommended to carry out a treatment every month to maintain it. On the other hand, to treat a problem, it is recommended to do a course of 4 treatments, one per week for 1 month.

Price list 2024
Express facial care
1x 45 min
90 frs
Specific facial care
1x 60 min
120 frs
Deep facial care
1x 75 min
160 frs
Express facial treatment cure
4x 45 min
67.5 frs instead of 90 frs
270 frs
Specific facial treatment cure
4 x 60 min
90 frs instead of 120 frs
360 frs
Deep facial treatment cure
4 x 75 min
120 frs instead of 160 frs
480 frs
Frequently asked questions ???
“Can I get treatment during my pregnancy?”
“Yes, we have treatments without essential oils that can work very well during pregnancy. »

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