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Teeth cleaning

No matter how hygienic you are at home, there are always hard-to-reach places where bacteria can accumulate. This is why it is necessary from the age of 3 to do teeth cleaning. It involves removing as many harmful bacteria as possible from your mouth to maintain good oral health. It is ideally carried out by a dental hygienist.

Recommendations : 2x/year from 3 years old

Precautions : If you have had heart surgery or have an internal prosthesis, check with your doctor whether it is necessary to take a prophylactic antibiotic before treatment.

Here are the different appointment steps in scaling with the times of a 6 month recall appointment:

Visual examination
First, we check the general condition of the teeth visually. It will not be possible to take x-rays on site. It is therefore suggested to see a dentist every 2 years for a complete check-up with x-rays. ​
Secondly, we carry out a rough removal of bacteria and surface stains with an airflow (water jet). It is possible to touch up at the end with polishing paste if there are a lot of stains or if you are sensitive to cold. ​
Thirdly, we will remove the surface and deep scale with an ultrasound first and then using manual instruments for finishing. This step can be sensitive so do not hesitate to communicate with your hygienist so that she can adapt her work according to your sensitivities.
Fourth, we apply calcium phosphate combined with fluoride in cream form to remineralize your enamel. This operation serves to prevent the appearance of sensitivity and dental caries.
Finally, we look at your strengths and weaknesses with you. We will suggest suitable techniques for maintaining impeccable hygiene at home and thus reducing the risk of oral and dental problems.

Price list 2024:

Initiation teeth cleaning 3-6 years old
70 frs
Children teeth cleaning 7-12 years old
90 frs
Student teeth cleaning 13-17 years old
115 frs
Adult teeth cleaning 18 years old +
140 frs

Options :

Express facial treatment 45 min
90 frs
Express teeth whitening 10 min
60 frs
Frequently asked Questions ???
“Why are scalings sensitive for some and not for others?”
“Sensitivity generally comes from inflammation of the gums which is our immune response to an aggressor (tartar). The time factor plays a big role role in the intensity of our inflammation and therefore our sensitivity. This is why it is recommended to carry out scaling every 6 months to reduce sensitivity.  »
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