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Tooth jewel

The application of dental jewelry is a fashion that comes and comes back. Nowadays, we use a non-aggressive, easy and safe technique. There is a very wide variety of jewelry and possible shapes from crystals to gold jewelry.


What does the treatment consist of ?

We do not dig into the tooth and there is no need for anesthesia. We start by cleaning the tooth with an abrasive paste, then applying the glue, positioning the jewel and hardening everything with the polymerization light. The treatment lasts approximately 15 minutes or more depending on the quantity.

The lifespan of jewelry is between 6-12 months.


We offer you a 3-month guarantee on the installation of the jewelry.

Jewelry available

22K yellow gold Chanel sign
22K yellow gold Nike sign
22K yellow gold dollar sign
22K yellow gold rhombus
22K yellow gold moon
24K yellow gold heart
24K yellow gold star

Here are the other models available to order. There is a delay of approximately 2 weeks for delivery.

Crystals available
Brand: Swarovski, Primero and Preciosa
Round size: 1.2mm/1.4mm/1.6mm/1.8mm
Light siam
Pink blush
Light amethyst
Aurora borealis
Aqua bohemica

Rhombus : 5x3 mm

Petal : 4mm

Light siam
Light rose

You can consult the attached files for examples of possible models.

Price list 2024
1 crystal
70 frs
4 crystals
140 frs
1 piece of gold jewelry
130 frs
Frequently asked questions ???
“How can I remove the jewelry?”
“You can easily remove it at your dental hygienist or dentist using a dental drill. »
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