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relaxing and slimming massage


For our massages, we work with PHYT'S products which are CERTIFIED ORGANIC AND 100% NATURAL ORIGIN. Most of our PHYT’S treatments are certified by COSMEBIO, which guarantees the composition of natural and organic cosmetics but also a responsible approach in all stages of product creation.

Organic active slimming massage

This massage is against cellulitis which poses a problem for many women. This is an accumulation of fat under the skin surface forming an unsightly appearance of the skin called “orange peel”. To begin, we use the suction cups to remove the fatty fibers. Then, to eliminate them, we will use the palpate-rolling technique which is non-invasive accompanied by the bamboo stick.

Relaxing massage

It is a very pleasant sensory experience which allows you to feel immediate well-being and relaxation. By working on the skin, muscles and blood circulation, the hands touch the 5 million receptors on the surface of the epidermis. Every detail is important to completely relax the body and mind. To perform the relaxing massage, we use the whole hand and not just the fingertips with massage techniques: kneading, effleurage, tapping, point pressure or deep rubbing ,…


- active skin disease

- if undergoing chemo or radiotherapy treatment (cancer)

- phlebitis

Price list 2024
Organic active slimming massage
60 min
110 frs
Relaxing massage
60 min
90 frs
Organic active slimming massage cure
8x 60 min
770 frs
Frequently asked Questions ???
“Can I get treatment during my pregnancy?”
“Yes, we have treatments without essential oils that can work very well during pregnancy. »

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